Notte Verde – Special dinner in Rovereto on day 2

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In the second stage that ends in Rovereto, the participants of the AUGUSTOUR will have the opportunity to dine outdoors on the occasion of the “Notte Verde”, a GREEN NIGHT. On May 25th, in fact, in the historic center of the “City of Peace” will take place an exciting event dedicated to sustainable living: the dinner in “White and Green” to live a truly magical spring evening. You will find a table more than 500 meters long in the streets and squares of the old town decorated with fragrant herbs and romantic white candles.

What will you eat there? You can choose from 2 dishes that the restaurateurs of Rovereto and Vallagarina valley will prepare with passion and creativity: a vegetarian dish and a meat dish. On the table you’ll also find a special bread that embodies criteria of quality, territoriality and authenticity.

The cost of the dinner is included in the participation fee of AUGUSTOUR ... You are not yet registered? do it now HERE!

Few rules to follow > see HERE

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