Via Claudia Augusta

The Via Claudia Augusta is famous among the fanatic cycling tourists as one of the most beautiful distances of the alpine area. Thank to its course from North to South, the distance is characterized by a light reduction, and, what is even more interesting, it touches many resorts famous for their delicatessen and special cuisine… something that turns the distance into a real paradise of the gourmets! The landscape along the Adige river is very beautiful from spring to autumn, and it is also particularly rich and variegated.

Starting from Val Venosta (Alto Adige) and getting down to Trentino, the AUGUSTOUR distance is characterized by mountains and lakes, to say nothing of the forests, meadows, romantic vineyards, orchards, and a fluvial landscape that guarantee to all participants a real immersion into nature.

The variety of the culinary tradition ranges from the typical delicacies of the local and country cooking, to the most refined recipes which characterize the territories crossed by the Via Claudia Augusta. The creative cookery of this territory owes its fame to the typical products of the area, which range from the marvellous apples, to the many fantastic wines, with dishes like Knödel (dumplings made with leftover bread) and polenta.