New collbaration with the Italian FAI

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Aspart of the cycle route along the “Via Claudia Augusta”, the AUGUSTOUR event offers not only sporting activities, but also gastronomic highlights and some special cultural stops thanks to the new collaboration with the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano). For example, we visit a splendid palazzo in Rovereto, a castle (Castello di Avio) along the cycle route and the historic centre of Trento with its beautiful cathedral and piazza, always accompanied by FAI volunteers (Deleagion Trento / Rovereto).

The FAI is a non-profit foundation for the preservation of historical monuments and nature whose aim is to preserve the Italian cultural landscape and make it accessible to a wide public. Often the wide public has no access to many of these palaces and castles of the FAI. Therefore, the visit is something very special.

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