What can I do in the single stage towns?

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After arriving in the AUGUSTOUR – stage resorts Bolzano, Trento, Rovereto and Verona, the cyclists can do all sorts of things according to their wishes. Here are some tips:

In Bolzano: In the centre of Bolzano you should definitely have a look at the colourful fruit square (Piazze delle ERbe/ Obstplatz) and the Laubengasse (Portici). The “Ötzi” also waits patiently in the Archaeology Museum. In one of the many cosy restaurants you can enjoy the evening.

In Trento, you must not miss a view of and into the wonderful Cathedral, the Cattedrale di San Vigiglio, or a visit to the “SASS” Museum: next to the unique “Piazza del Duomo”, there is an underground city from Roman times (Tridentinum Romana) with wonderful excavations in the spirit of the Via Claudia Augusta. Those who have time should make a jump into the new “MUSE” (nature museum built by Arch. Piano) or into the Castello del Buonconsiglio.

In Rovereto, also called “City of Peace”, there is a charming old town centre and all kinds of international museums, above all the world-famous MART and the “Casa d´Arte Futurista Depero”. Surrounded by hills and vineyards, Rovereto, like Trento, lies in the southern Adige Valley along the main arterial road between Trento and Verona. There are many magnificent buildings from the 18th century to admire, such as the Accademia degli Agiati, the Teatro Zandonai, the municipal library in the Palazzo dell’Annona. Many famous guests have visited this city. The most famous of them is probably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who played his first concert in Italy in the church of San Marco.


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