Profile AUGUSTOUR 2015

The AUGUSTOUR official meeting point is planned for September, 28th, 2018 (Friday, 9.30 a.m.) in the small village of  Curon/Resia, a few kilometres off the border between Italy and Austria. The event starts as established by the timetable in Curon on the the Resia lake, and the arrival in Merano will be performed by riding on the bicycle track that crosses the Venosta Valley (98km). The second stage carries from Merano to Bolzano (66 km) passing by the wonderful lake of Caldaro and, the third and last stage goes from Bolzano to Trento (62 km).
At every stage arrival, all participants will be invited to take part to the celebrations to be held in the central squares of Merano, Bolzano and Trento. At the end of the AUGUSTOUR all participants will receive a gift.

Once the registration is made, some useful services will also be offered to all cycling tourists, such as an official refreshment during the 3 stages, and one at the final stage. Not only refreshments, but also the luggage transport will be offered free of charge on a daily basis.

During the three days event, every participant must take care personally of the overnight stays. Anyway, everybody is welcome to contact the several offices/tourist sites of the stage resorts that we highlight on the website. In collaboration with one of our partners, we will also provide a comfortable All-Inclusive Package including, besides the participation to the AUGUSTOUR event, also the overnight accomodations in Hotels in every AUGUSTOUR stage town and some other amenities. At the end of the event (or befor the start), a comfortable transfer by bus (with bike, of course) can be booked at a small extra cost to reach the departure site. Book it in time at the moment of the registration! If you want you can also rent a bike (e-bike or trekking bike) for the 3 days contacting our partner BICI ALTO ADIGE. You can pick it up in Resia …

The cycling tourists can take part to all three days, or also to only one of the three stages. The roads connecting all cycle tracks will not be closed to the traffic.

  • Date AUGUSTOUR 2018: from Friday, September 28th to Sunday, 30th
  • Length tour: about 208 km (3 stages)
  • Stage towns: Curon/Resia, Merano, Bolzano, Trento (all in Italy)
  • Meeting point: on Friday, September 28th, 2017  at 09.30 a.m. in Curon / Resia (Info point of the lake) – Start is at 10.00-10.15 a.m.


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